Quotes I spent a week at Happy Trails 4H camp with my granddaughter Aliya and her friends Anna and Maria. The lessons that these three girls learned from Ann are invaluable. Ann was patient, kind and really in-tuned to what each girl needed help with. The result was instant and for a child it is so important for them to see the result. I know they will continue with what they have learned for a lifetime. I looked forward everyday to watching the clinics for myself because the information was so invaluable! Thank you again Ann! Quotes
Denise Dixon
Aliya's Grandma

Quotes Fledge and I just finished another basics clinic with Ann. I am always amazed at how much I have yet to learn. Once you get "follow the nose" fixed, then there is "tuck the nose", "place your shoulders," "learn to trot sloooooowly", oh, and "don't lose your mind when a jacket slips off the saddle." SOOO much to learn in the safety of Ann's clinics and with her gentle guidance that makes my middle-aged horse adventures a true joy! THANK you, Ann! Quotes
Sigrid Brannan
another year older and wiser!

Quotes What can I say about Ann...well most likely "alot", but I dont think I have enough room to write all the "GREAT" things she has done for me and Laura (my wife) and all our horse's. We have been working with these horse's for about 13 years and really have not made any progress where as we can ride them....well after just a few short months we are not only riding, but riding them away from the house and other horse's. We have 2 horse's that are or were pretty wild, but with Ann's great leadership and training these two are rideable now and making great progress. Not only has Ann helped us with the horse's, but also with my riding and confidence...I can not Thank her enough. So, Ann from Laura and myself and all the "KIDS" thanks for all that you have done...and as I have said to you before....Your work with us is not done...this is only the begining. Roger, Laura and all the "KIDS" Quotes
To Long

Quotes I cannot say enough about Ann's methods with both horse and rider. Fledge, and I met Ann 2 years ago when she used him as a round pen demo horse. Ann has trained us both, both at her place and at clinics. As a sensitive horse who had experienced some rough treatment, I shudder to think what might have happened to him in the hands of another trainer! (or me alone) Ann's methods are kind, firm, and sequential. She is as gifted a teacher as I've ever seen...and as a veteran principal, I've seen a few! (kids and horses are a lot alike...they need good solid teaching!). The real gift that Ann gives to the horse person is the ability to take what she teaches and use it at home. Even on my busiest day, I know that I can spend time with Fledge doing bridal work from the ground and build his skill and my confidence. Quotes
Sigrid Brannan
Busy School Principal/Grandmother

Quotes My horse was spooking and bucking and hurting people despite four years of lessons. I didn't know what to do and was running out of hope that my horse, Bodie, and I could sustain a long-term relationship. I turned to Ann for help and took her three-day "Spring Tune-Up" clinic. Wow! I learned so much about myself and my horse. Through round-pen exercises and bridle work, we discovered that my horse has never learned to control his emotions! Ann took the time to work with us on "spook in place" excercises and by the end of the clinic Bodie was nearly un-spookable. We still have a long way to go and a lot of practicing yet to do, but my confidence and hope has returned. I'm looking forward to riding him again because now I know how to help my horse stay calm on the trail. And, if he does spook, Ann has taught me how to "insist" that he pay attention to my cues . Thanks so much Ann! Quotes
Sandy Dotts
Confidence has returned!

Quotes I just spent the weekend at one of Ann?s clinics. WOW does not describe how excited I am about going to another clinic. I took my mare Wyetha who has had less then 40 day of training. I have taken riding lessons and learned less in the months of ridding lessons then I did in the 2 days of riding with Ann. I have a new desire to be on my horse and a new energy that if I don?t know how to solve an issue I now know who I can go to for the help. Ann is firm but never hurts the horse, she is not afraid to put a horse in its place yet makes the horse think while doing so. She is clear and takes the time to keep showing you until you and your horse get it correct. I enjoyed and will recommend many to take future clinics. Thank you Ann so very much see you soon! Heidi Zimprich mares Wyetha and ShuNay Quotes
Heidi Zimprich
New Energy!

Quotes Just got back from yet another successful Ann Kirk Clinic. I save up to attend a couple of Ann's 3-day clinics each year and always feel that it was worth every penny - I'd go to every one if I could. I'm a green rider, but have friends with many years of experience who love even the basics clinic because we ALWAYS learn something new and come away with truly "sensible", practical, skills and techniques that will help us in any situation. Ann balances the group training with working on individual issues. This is where you get to watch Ann's skill at reading the horse and communicating in their language. I've never left a clinic where everyone wasn't raving at how much they learned & how excited they are to get home & keep working on their new skills and face the next challenge with new confidence. Also, the fellowship at these clinics cannot be replaced. Always a great time with great people. Thanks so much!! Quotes
Melissa Patton
Happy Customer

Quotes Ann has a gentle yet firm hand that horses respect and respond to immediately. She is so connected to the horse, that she never has to think about what she should do next, it just comes naturally. I have a horse that had 30 days training with Ann and not much other handling and that was the most solid foundation I have ever seen on a young horse! She is amazing at giving lessons as well. I am working a young horse, and when I run out of ideas, she knows right away what I need to work on and explains the reasons why. There are many others out there that will cost you less, but you get what you pay for! Thanks Ann! Quotes
Amy Obringer
Program Coordinator Blue Waters Youth Ranch