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Teaching the Art

of Reading the Heart


Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart

  The Sensible Horsemanship Clinics are just that; sensible. Balanced between thoughtfully gentle and consistently firm, they are designed to be enjoyable and applicable. These clinics, lessons and programs are developed to give you the personal education you need to become comfortable and confident in creating the relationship you desire with your horse. Sensible Horsemanship Clinics and Programs are flexible. We are willing to work with you on special requests and personalized programs to fit your goals in horsemanship. You are personally invited to come and join this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Sensible Horsemanship

Basic Clinics

 What could be more fun than spending the week-end on a quiet ranch, hanging out with horse people, sharing ideas and experiences while gaining a better understanding of you and your horse? Ann’s passion is helping you succeed by teaching you easy to understand exercises tailored to your skill level. This education will transform your approach to riding and handling horses. The frustration you may feel now will be replaced with sensible techniques you can take with you when you go home.

Clinics have limited riders often working in two groups to assure maximum assistance. This helps you be more consistent which is vital for properly communicating with your horse. Plus, you will learn by watching other people work with their horses and benefit from the answers to their questions.

Friday morning starts with a Round Pen Demo where questions are encouraged and friendships are made. Friday afternoon is all about connecting the horse to the bit from the ground. Saturday and Sunday, it’s riding time, (if you are ready to get on), complete with trail obstacle practice to round out the week-end. And, if you want a private session, just schedule it in on Thursday afternoon to work on a more individual basis.

(Lesson Horses Available)

Sensible Horsemanship

Trail Riding Clinics

  Improve your relationship & understanding with your horse as you work with Ann to troubleshoot individual problem areas. Gain control on the ground and in the saddle with exercises to improve bridle response, gain control of hips and shoulders and develop the emotional conditioning necessary for your riding enjoyment and safety. This Trail Riding Clinic will teach you to recognize potentially dangerous behavior and situations, develop strategies for defusing emotional meltdowns, train your horse to take more responsibility for self-control and fill in some missing connections needed for the trail.

We will spend time practicing on the trails and finish with a trail ride with your “new” horse!! You will feel more confident and in control with a better understanding and partnership by the end of the weekend.

(Lesson Horses Available)

Sensible Horsemanship

Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshops are designed to focus on whatever you want to learn more about. It can be as general as just a 1-Day Clinic or as specific as teaching a spin. The number of topics is endless and can be chosen by you.

Some past Workshops have been Using the Round Pen, Colt Starting, Reining Foundations and On the Trails.

The Workshops give a great way for you and your friends to schedule something just for you and can even become a set of progressive Day Lessons to advance you to where you want to be with your horse.

(Lesson Horses Available)