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Teaching the Art

of Reading the Heart


Sensible Horsemanship Training Videos

Sensible Round Penning

Lesson 1

- Considered the most valuable tool by many top trainers, the Round Pen Lesson will greatly improve your equine connection. Teaching your horse to change directions on cue, stop when asked, come when called, and face what scares him all adds to his emotional soundness. You don't have to settle for a spooked horse. You can train him to stand his ground and control his instinct to flee. Developing emotional self-control in your horse will add safety to every ride you take.

1. Steps to Emotional Control

2. Make the Mental Connection

3. Understand Attention Span

4. Exchange Natural for Conditioned Response

5. Cure Hard to Catch Horses

6. Solve Head Shyness

Sensible Horse Evaluation

Thinking of buying a new horse but don't quite know if it's the right one? Or maybe you have already bough a new horse buy are unsure of how much it knows. Well now you don't have to just saddle up, get on and hope for the best. The risk may be more than you can afford. This DVD will give you some questions to ask and some tests to try to help you determine the training level and base-line personality of your new horse prospect! 1. Being prepared saves time and money

2. Questions to ask both owner and horse

3. Recognizing clues that point to problems

4. Pop quizzes to test emotional control

5. What's major? What's minor in training?

6. Know when to say "No"


Sensible Bridle Basics

Beginning Groundwork

- You will be amazed at how simple it is to introduce your young horse to the bit using these unique exercises. You will develop soft, supple control over your entire horse while you safely work from the ground. These exercises are also the perfect solution to a multitude of riding problems. Take the time to re-educate your riding horse by improving its bit response and you will trade frustration for fun as you ride. You will find yourself using these exercises with every horse you own.

1. Solve Bridling issues

2. Connect Rein to body

3. Cure a hard-mouthed or rubber-necked horse

4. Stop horse from jerking away

5. Create great bit response


Set of 4 for $100

Sensible Trailer Loading

Trailer loading can be an area of concern but it doesn't have to be that way. The method shown on this 2 disc set never fails to teach your horse to load calmly and quietly. Your horse will have a solid cue for loading that makes it possible to load your horse no matter what the circumstances. This DVD set shows a Friesian geldings first loading. It also includes 4 other examples of horses that had developed loading problems and how the method worked to resolve their struggles. Sensible Trailer Loading has been used successfully on hundreds of horses without fail.


Sensible Riding Basics

Beginning Riding Control

You want to ride a safe horse, but how can you know for sure? This lesson will show you how to take the Bridle Basics Groundwork into the saddle. By focusing on hip and shoulder control, you can get a conditioned response to the bit without disconnecting the head from the body. Learning to control each corner of your horse with the reins makes adding leg cues simple and uneventful. Knowing what to do in uncertain situations will give you confidence to enjoy your every ride.

1. Stop the buck

2. Focus your horse

3. ABCs of bridle control

4. Solve mounting, backing and guiding issues

5. Eliminate shoulder leaks

6. Use emotions to improve response


Halter/Bridle set w/Matching Lead

This setup uses a simple rope halter and attachs the bit with a set of clips. It works great for starting your colt or for trail riding or whatever! You always have a halter on your horse without the extra bulk of a headstall over the top. Also great if you have a horse that is hard to bridle. Try it, you will like it. Comes in a variety of colors.


Rope Rein w/Custom Slobber Straps