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Sensible Horsemanship Basics 3-Day Clinic

What could be more fun than spending the week-end on a quiet working ranch, hanging out with horse people, sharing ideas and experiences while gaining a better understanding of you and your horse? Ann Kirk’s passion is helping you succeed by teaching you easy to understand exercises tailored to your skill level. This education will transform your approach to riding and handling horses. The frustration you may feel now will be replaced with sensible techniques you can easily take with you when you go home.

No longer will you feel the need to take your horse to a trainer for every little problem. No longer will you have to wonder if your horse will be safe if you haven’t ridden it for a few days, weeks or months. No longer will you be unsure of how to evaluate a new horse that you are looking to purchase. Ann will teach you the secrets to succeeding with your horse and enjoying the time you spend with this amazing animal.

Clinics are limited to 14 riders working in two groups to assure maximum assistance. This helps you be more consistent which is vital for properly communicating with your horse. Plus, you will learn by watching other people work with their horses and benefit from the answers to their questions. Friday afternoon starts with a Round Pen Demo where questions are encouraged. Saturday and Sunday, it’s school time complete with trail obstacle practice to round out the week-end. And, if you want a private session, just schedule it in on Friday morning to work on a more individual basis.

There is something for everyone at this clinic. Whether you want to put some polish on your performance horse, introduce your yearling to the bridle or just gain a better understanding of what makes your equine friend tick, your questions will get answered and you will go away armed with new confidence. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn valuable lessons focused towards keeping you safe and giving you quick, break-through results in a short amount of time. Ann Kirk invites you to come and experience these 3 fun-filled days. It’s time to take a break and make new friends while pursuing the dream of a better relationship with your horse.             Clinic Prices

To request a registration or to get information on hosting a clinic in your area, please contact Ann Kirk at (509) 292-2475, Susan Rae at (509) 466-9639 or write to [email protected]