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Sensible Solutions 1-Day Clinic

Ann Kirk knows that people have different schedules and it is sometimes hard to find someone to cover work and responsibilities when you are gone too many days in a row. The Sensible Horsemanship 1-Day Clinic is designed to help in those areas. Being only a 1 day commitment makes it easier for more people to attend. The clinic is done on a Saturday from 9 to 5 so it does not take you away from home all weekend.

Being only a 1-Day Clinic also allows you to absorb the Sensible Horsemanship methods in smaller doses to make application a little easier. Nor is the 1-Day Clinic as physically demanding as the 3-Day clinics. Teaching every aspect from the round pen to advanced saddle work, this 1-day clinic is geared to the group attending and to their areas of interest. Being only 1 day makes it easier to host in your community as it does not require a facility where horses can be boarded.

So pick a day from the schedule or set up one of your own with your friends and let's get 

                             together to learn and have fun!!

To request a registration or to get information on hosting a clinic in your area, please contact Ann Kirk at 

(509) 292-2475, Susan Rae at (509) 466-9639 or write to [email protected]

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