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Sensible Horsemanship Training Program

Ann Kirk takes in a limited number of horses each year for training. This training starts with building a strong basis of emotional control and conditioned response. Her training is focused on transferring the responsibility of self-control to the horse so it learns to look to the rider for direction instead of just reacting to the environment.

Ann Kirk believes any horse can be trained to be a willing, safe partner as long as the handler is willing to be an active leader and learner. She understands that it is always about the horse/handler connection so she insists upon educating the owner as well as the horse. Teaching is in her blood and you will leave her place knowing more than you did when you came.

Sensible Horsemanship training is done on a weekly basis and is limited to a few horses at a time so each one gets plenty of attention. Owners are encouraged to observe and participate as much as possible to best learn how their horse was trained and the techniques used. This gives the greatest assurance of success when the horse goes home. 

Training Prices

Prices are figured weekly, not monthly

  • $250.00 for 1st week ‚Äč
  • $200.00 for additional weeks providing horse has no major problems
  • Price includes a 1 hour lesson per week for owner with horse. Can be used every other week in 2 hour increments.
  • Owner must agree to no less than 3 hours of lesson time before horse goes home. (Some exceptions will be made according to purpose for training and owners level of expertise.)
  • No board will be added but owner is required to provide feed.
  • Owner encouraged to bring own hay or may purchase by the bale if available.
  • All new clients will be evaluated on their riding ability.
  • There is a training contract that must be signed and first 2 weeks paid before training begins.